Salon News - Covid 19 Updates - Please Read
⚠️ URGENT ⚠️ Appointment info ⚠️ UPDATED 5.13.20
I know it is a lot.... A LOT of info, but please read.
This post will continue to be updated - Please check back before your appointment
The salon will be open Friday May 15, 2020
✔ If you need to make an appointment and have not been contacted by your stylist please reach out to them directly for an appointment. If you do not have a preferred stylist please call the salon or send us a Facebook message.
✔ Each stylist has different hours and their schedule may have changed since the Covid-19 shut down.
✔You will be asked to text/message me from your car to let me know you’re here. I will then text/message you with confirmation to come in.
✔masks{loops around ears}for me and you will be required. If you don’t have one, I have disposable ones for $1 available{only while my supplies last}
✔no additional guests allowed, do not bring friends, family, boyfriends or husbands along for your appointment. If they do not have an appointment at that time they will not be permitted in the salon (Exceptions if a child or anyone that needs assistance has an appointment and parent or caregiver is needed inside)
✔ Please wash your hands immediately after entering the salon.
✔obviously- if you feel sick, Stay home! If you’ve been diagnosed or exposed to Covid within the last 14 days, stay home. We respect your health, please respect ours.
✔HVAC filters will be changed more frequently
✔Clients who are symptomatic will not be permitted to enter. Please assess your health before your appointment and cancel immediately if you or anyone around you have had any symptoms within the last 14 days.
✔Staff will also be performing daily self assessments. Anyone who is symptomatic will be required to stay at home.
✔Hugs, handshakes, unnecessary contact will be discontinued
✔Clients will occupy every other station in order to maintain social distancing
✔One client will be serviced at a time and will remain in the same chair for the duration of the service.
✔No walk ins will be permitted temporarily; Appointment only. Please call for an appointment.
✔Social distancing will be practiced at all times.
✔All disinfectants used are in accordance with the required EPA registrations and labeled as bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal
✔Tools, combs, brushes, etc. will be cleaned and disinfected after each use. These items will be stored in sealed, dry spaces/containers.
✔Stations will be disinfected in between each client.
✔All excess, unessential, porous items have been removed (magazines, etc)
✔Gloves will be worn by stylist for every client when possible and changed after each client. Hands will be washed after removing gloves and before/after each client
✔Shampoo chairs will be cleaned/disinfected after each use.
✔Every client will be draped with a new cape and towels.
✔Laundry will be washed & dried at the appropriate recommended temperatures. Clean towels/capes will be stored immediately in closed storage areas.
✔Service trays will be cleaned/disinfected after each use.
✔No beverages, snacks or candy will be provided for guests.
✔Please leave all food and drink in your vehicle.
✔Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected every 1-2 hours
✔The entire space will be deep cleaned/sanitized on a regular basis
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